A Letter from the CEO

Greetings from the Team at JustinBradley!

Countless New Year business communications will go out in the coming days and weeks expressing hope and optimism for 2021 – along with a yearning for the familiar things at work that give us joy and job satisfaction. We’re no exception at JustinBradley, but we also recognize that the future of work is fundamentally different after this last year.

What hasn’t changed is that business professionals highly value their careers and that our client companies are still competing for talent. As talent providers to organizations, JustinBradley has its finger on the pulse of business, and I can tell you that it is still beating strong. A rebound in hiring last summer and fall is a testament to the business community’s adaptability. Still, our hearts and hopes for recovery go out to those businesses for which safety restrictions made operations impossible.

Perhaps the most significant thing we’ve learned over the last 12 months to carry over into 2021 is the importance of soft skills. In the past, promotions were made and new hires were selected with a strong emphasis on functional skills and industry experience. While those still matter, a future hybrid model of remote and in-person workplaces will require that leaders demonstrate strong social skills for building trust, collaboration, excitement, and accountability across teams. (It’s the perfect time to re-tool those skills through online classes or developing a coaching relationship with a great communicator in your organization.)

One last look back at 2020, we thank our clients who depended on us to introduce talent (we had some of our most memorable searches in JustinBradley’s history during this pandemic). Going into our 19th year, JustinBradley remains excited to be your recruiting solutions partner!

All the best in the coming year,

Beth Monroe


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