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Are your job descriptions getting the job done?

All too often, companies list too many skills and responsibilities in their job postings. And these lengthy job descriptions not only make it hard for job seekers to determine whether or not they should apply, but they can also impact your hiring process.

When job postings are too long or not specific enough, the process of hiring a new employee is far more time-consuming. You end up interviewing underqualified applicants or individuals with the wrong qualifications to determine who actually has the skill set necessary for the position.
But that doesn’t have to be the case.

To write job descriptions that attract the right candidates, try these three tips:

•List the top three skills and job experiences the position requires.
•Include other skills with an explanation of how they relate to the job.
•Describe job responsibilities and long-term goals for the person in this specific role.

Hiring the best candidate requires that you accurately represent the position in the job posting. If you need assistance writing a job description reach out to a contact a JustinBradley recruiter today.

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