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Our Favorite Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

At the end of an interview, many candidates find themselves at a crossroads – should I ask questions or simply express gratitude and bid farewell? The truth is the questions you ask at the end of an interview can make a lasting impact on the interviewer and shape their perception of you as a candidate….

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What Does It Mean to Be Professional?

The findings from a recent study reveal a concerning trend: nearly four in 10 managers admitted to not hiring recent college graduates due to perceptions of their lack of readiness for professional life. This raises an important question: what proactive steps can individuals take to enhance their preparedness for success in the workforce? The findings from…

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5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Job Search

I was the guest speaker for the annual Student Night program of an accounting association. It was a privilege to present to the membership organization and local students from the University of Maryland, NOVA, Marymount, and George Mason. Asked to address the group on a career-related topic, I decided a relevant subject would be “Jump…

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Finding Good Company Culture

These days it is increasingly rare to see someone spend 10 years at the same company. The competitive job market, combined with the technological advancements in recruiting, have made it easier to access new opportunities. These days, it is increasingly rare to see someone spend 10 years at the same company. The competitive job market,…


Five Great Reasons You Should Be Considering Temporary Work

So, you find yourself unemployed. It’s time to make a plan that should include doing a combination of things: spiffing up your resume and LinkedIn profile; researching and applying online for jobs; reconnecting with former colleagues and friends to let them know you are looking; and, very importantly, align yourself with a recruiter about doing…

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Six Common Interview Questions for Contractors

As recruiters, we at JustinBradley spend a significant part of our day interviewing accounting, finance, and business professionals, and we understand that most people approach the process with a combination of excitement and nervousness. One way to lower those nervous feelings during an interview is to be prepared. We encourage all our candidates to practice…

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Resume Trends 2023

As recruiters, we review a lot of resumes. (And, I mean, A LOT of resumes.) Over the years, we’ve learned what hiring managers and HR professionals like to see and how they process information.  We advise, point out edits, and sometimes after talking with candidates, offer our advice on adding or highlighting certain aspects of…