Connecting with Recruiters on LinkedIn: Why Do It Anyway?

Today there is a lot of conversation about how people present themselves on social media and how others perceive you based on your Twitter or Facebook presence. LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, is no different. A profile done right can give you that much-needed public recognition for your accomplishments, let others know how to reach you and help get you your next job.

Why connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn? A recent survey from Jobvite found that 94 percent of job recruiters tap into LinkedIn to find qualified candidates.


Advantages of Connecting with Recruiters

Here are just a few of the reasons you may find it valuable to connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn. Connecting on LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch and make sure you remain in their network; you never know when it may be valuable to have a trusted relationship with recruiters in your field. Obviously, it makes it easy to keep you top of mind, so you are aware of any new opportunities—especially since recruiters don’t always post jobs on their radar. Additionally, recruiters are often well networked with leaders in your field. Because you’ve stayed in touch, you may find they can make a great networking introduction in the future.

It is also a great way to get exposure to articles recruiters share on industry trends, hiring trends, interview strategies and HR news. Many recruiters take the time to look through relevant articles relating to industry topics and share these on their company or personal LinkedIn pages. You never know when you may find yourself on the other side of the interview table and be thankful to have a few articles to refer to when preparing for an interview. Maybe a recruiter helped you land your first job or helped you break into a manager-level position. You may want to pay it forward and help a former colleague or friend, who is looking for a new job, connect with a trusted recruiter.

Factors to Consider When Linking with Recruiters

Here are 6 tips to think about when connecting with a recruiter on LinkedIn:

1. Fill out your LinkedIn profile adding as much relevant information as needed, including highlighting your work experience, background, education, current projects, awards, recommendations from your boss and a professional photo. And, don’t forget to proof it!

2. Join a couple of LinkedIn groups specifically for connecting with recruiters. Remember that there are recruiters in many of the industry specific groups.

3. Show your professionalism and purpose when contacting a recruiter to support your search.

4. Choose a recruiter who specializes in your field, because she will be up to date on industry trends and will understand your profession.

5. Select a recruiter that knows your geographic region. If the recruiter is in San Diego, he won’t be as familiar with the job market in the Washington, D.C. region.

6. Connect with the top 2 to 3 recruiters who put in the effort to check in and make you a priority.

Like all things social, you are sharing your activities with the world. And, if you link with a recruiter, they may reach out to network or to gauge your interest in career opportunities. So, be prepared to answer questions. Remember … LinkedIn is about building relationships, and your relationship with a recruiter could lead you to your next big opportunity.

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