Five Great Reasons You Should Be Considering Temporary Work

So, you find yourself unemployed. It’s time to make a plan that should include doing a combination of things: spiffing up your resume and LinkedIn profile; researching and applying online for jobs; reconnecting with former colleagues and friends to let them know you are looking; and, very importantly, align yourself with a recruiter about doing temporary work and conducting your permanent job search. With their established company relationships, recruiters can make introductions to employers and get you working. Here are the benefits of doing temporary work:

Earn respect of future employers. Temporary work can bridge that awkward gap on your resume. Potential employers see interim work as a positive contribution. As you are interviewing, your temporary work will show your initiative, give you something to talk about in interviews and attest to your resilience.

Temporary could become permanent. With an impressive work ethic, great skills, and charming personality, you can make yourself indispensable. Companies will always find a way to keep great employees, whether it is extending your project, finding other projects in other departments or hiring you permanently!

Psychological perks. If you’ve been unemployed for months, a temporary job can break the cycle of restlessness and hopelessness you may be feeling – and may come through in your interviews.

Pick up new skills.  Companies will ease off their must-have criteria when hiring a temporary employee, which can enable you to get into a company you want to work for, develop new skills or open the door to a new industry.

Expand your contacts. The employer you’re working for may not have an opening when your project ends, but if you made personal and professional inroads during your time there, you may leave with solid references.

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