How I Came to Know a Different Side of Recruiting

Blue ResumeRecruiting began for me in 2011.  I was new to the workforce and new to recruiting when I received a job offer to join a startup firm that focused on IT recruiting for full-time roles.  Soon after my first day, the company gave me a phone and I began talking to folks who I had never met before about things that I wasn’t even sure I understood!  I was speaking with IT professionals of all levels of experience for a variety of positions, from JAVA and C# programmers to technical Business Analysts and Program Managers.  The length of time from the start of a search to a placement seemed so long to me – anywhere from three months to a year.  I was introduced to a variety of search engines like CareerBuilder, Dice and LinkedIn and for the first time I used an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).  It’s an understatement to say that there was a learning curve, but I was determined to be successful.

I spent three years working on positions that required security clearance, software development or consulting experience from all technical backgrounds and experience.  I would talk with hundreds of people just to find the one person my client would like to hire.  The direct hire searches I worked on were really all I had known – they were long, time-intensive, very specific searches.  Three years later, when I joined the other side of the interview desk and began to look for a new job in recruiting, I didn’t know what I didn’t know – and, the world opened up at JustinBradley.

 As it turned out, JustinBradley offers many types of talent acquisition services…

When I first interviewed at JustinBradley, I had thought that maybe I would be moving to a new firm working on the same types of placements, but in the finance and accounting space.  As it turned out, JustinBradley offers many types of talent acquisition services and I was selected to join their Project Solutions Group team, focused on contingent workforce placements through an MSP.  I thought, “So, wait, you’re telling me that the candidates I will be talking to are going to be employees of JustinBradley, working on-site at a company in a temporary capacity and I’ll have to help manage them?  How does all of this work?”  I didn’t know anything about contract and/or project work.

I got lucky. JustinBradley has thorough training and support.  I work on a team of experienced recruiters who have helped me along the way and having a supportive and accessible management team who works alongside us every day is inspirational.  Working in our Project Solutions group, I have learned more about better assessing candidates’ backgrounds and experience. I discovered that just to place one candidate our process involved e-mailing at least 125 candidates, screening 50 of those people until I have 3-5 people I can submit. It’s essential to talk with 20 times more candidates in a day than I had ever done before, because our required response time for candidate submission is about 48-72 hours.  The cycle time is much shorter, and I still have to be sure I am finding a great candidate for the job, ensuring that their skills are a match, checking references, getting paperwork and then submitting through the clients’ Vendor Management System – sometimes all in 24 hours!

Now in my fourth year with the Project Solutions group at JustinBradley, the most important thing I have learned about myself is that I enjoy working on our contingent workforce contracts – the clients, the people, the rapidity.  Moving at a faster pace than direct hire and retained search, every day is different.  Positions are ever-changing, the job market is always shifting, and the candidate market is always transforming.  And, as a result, I am more adaptable.  In the world of recruiting, that is key to staying relevant in the market, being competitive and overall successful.

Borkoski_AmberWeb1Amber was recently promoted to Senior Financial Recruiter and is a member of JustinBradley’s Projects Solutions Group. She recruits individuals in finance, business analysis, project management as well as other business professional positions. Before joining Justin Bradley, Amber worked at Winston Harbor Group as a Retained Search Executive for technical and engineering candidates. Her experience as a social psychologist has served her well in the recruiting field by enabling her to relate with candidates when screening and interviewing. Amber’s approach to recruiting is proactive. She continually researches and sources the best talent in anticipation of her clients’ changing needs. Amber earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from West Virginia University.

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