JustinBradley Kick-Starting its DC Metro Temporary Staffing Footprint, a Key Part of the Local ‘Gig Economy’

Jack at Cooperstown 2017This past summer, I added another startup to my list. My son Jack, who just turned 13, was determined to have a job. My first question was, “What skills do you have?” “Well,” he said after thinking about it, “I play travel baseball and I do winter baseball CrossFit.” And, with that, we decided that he could offer lessons to up-and-coming young baseball players in our neighborhood. First, he created a lesson plan. Next, we developed a marketing plan by creating flyers and spreading the word using our neighborhood list serve. He got his first client, our neighbor, who knew and trusted him, and then, subsequently referred him.

Today, based on referral, Jack has many regular clients year-round. The kids love working with him (better than listening to your Dad, right?). The parents see tremendous growth in their children’s skill set and consequently, his students have gained confidence. It is such a source of pride for me to watch Jack gain his own self-confidence, too. It’s a win-win. This is our focus at JustinBradley. After helping Jack, it reinforced in me that starting something and seeing it thrive has a resonating effect. Ultimately, we make business decisions, but the best ones are made based on doing good – and, doing it well.

Creating a startup is not as difficult as some might imagine. My career began with jobs in sales where you quickly develop a keen sense of competitive intelligence and ‘self-starting,’ and I always found myself stimulating a current service that was fledgling or launching a new service offering. Today, I am excited to announce that I am at it again, expanding JustinBradley’s business to support our clients with temporary staffing services.

Temporary staffing is a key part of the ‘gig economy.’ It is predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers would be part of the gig economy. In the event that you are not familiar with the term ‘gig economy,’ it refers to an environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations hire workers for short-term engagements. The ‘gig’ is a desirable opportunity for many entrepreneurial people, creates new opportunities for workers and benefits for consumers, too, including lowering operational costs by enabling companies to expand and contract, increasing consumer choices and allowing workers to earn competitive pay for their flexibility.

Why would we want to invest in growing our staffing services footprint in a market that’s crowded with much larger competitors? Staffing Industry Analysts routinely survey companies that use temporary staff and they find that hiring managers overwhelmingly cite worker quality as the most important criteria when deciding who to hire. When we speak with DC Metro area organizations, they tell us they are not consistently getting the quality talent they need. JustinBradley, with our focus on finance, accounting and business professional talent, aims to resolve the disconnect between quality needed and what hiring managers are truly getting.

Actually, our temporary staffing business is not all that new. Although most of the job seeking and business community in the DC Metro area know JustinBradley as a financial search firm, many do not realize that we have been instrumental in staffing many prominent national contingent workforce projects over the years. After winning our eighth Best of Staffing award the last year, we decided that we were ready to formally expand our DC Metro area temporary staffing services.

As I was planning our new endeavor, I asked my client, the Director of FP&A at a public hospitality company, what stands out to you about working with JustinBradley? “You take pride in the employees you refer to us,” he said. And, it’s true. We do. The people with whom we work – both companies and job seekers – are people we know: clients, colleagues, classmates, referrals, friends, neighbors… Who wouldn’t want a better consultant for their gig than that?

(For current job listings and to sign up for alerts, visit JustinBradley’s new Jobs Page )

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Khristie leads our temporary staffing division and established our financial search practice in law, real estate and construction.  Khristie advocates strongly for ethics and professionalism in the staffing industry and served as President of the Capital Area Staffing Association until 2015.  In the accounting and finance community, she has been on the selection committee for several prestigious CFO awards, including SmartCEO magazine’s SmartCFO Award and the Washington Business Journal’s CFO of the Year.   

Khristie is committed to fund raising efforts for DC area charitable organizations, including the American Heart Association, Jubilee Housing, and co-chairing the annual fundraiser for Perry Center in Washington, DC.  

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