Need a Career Boost? 7 Ways Temp Positions May Do Just That

Copyright: <a href='http://www.123rf.com/profile_dirkercken'>dirkercken / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Have you thought about taking a temporary or contract position? It could be a great way to give your career a boost. These assignments help you gain new skills, expand your experiences and explore new organizations – all while being paid.

Here are seven reasons why taking a temp position may be the right move to advance your career:

1. Find the Perfect Fit
It can be a great way to figure out your next move – whether you’re fully employed and looking for a change or unemployed and not sure what you want from your next position. Exploring a temporary assignment could help you try out something new and find that next perfect fit.

2. Hone Your Skills
Temporary and contract work offer you the opportunity to hone your skills in the workplace and acquire new ones. How an organization operates will always be done differently from company to company, so see this as a chance to learn new processes and grow as an employee. You never know how these new skills may open doors to a new position or career path you never would have considered.

3. Expand Your Network
Temporary and contract assignments are a perfect way to meet new contacts and expand your network. It is always a great idea to get to know the people you work with while on assignment, because they can become a future reference for you, a hiring manager for your next job or refer you to the people who may provide you with your next opportunity.

4. Bridge Your Employment Gaps
Even if a short-term assignment isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, it does keep your career progressing and your résumé alive. A temporary position will provide you with an opportunity to receive a steady paycheck and fill in those gaps on your résumé. And, when you’re making money, you feel valued and more confident.

5. Brighten Your Outlook
A temporary or contract position can help change your frame of mind when you’re in a dead end job that isn’t taking you anywhere or when you’re unemployed and feeling down. Taking on a new role can give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It will help give your life new responsibilities, structure and excitement!

6. Gets You In the Door
Are there dream companies you want to work for? For many organizations in today’s market, the quickest way in the door is through a temporary assignment. Once you have your foot in the door, it is up to you to prove your value – but it may be far easier than trying to stand out among a pile of résumés.

7. Land the Job
Once you have gotten into an organization, it is imperative that you show your value to the organization, your commitment to the company and your collaborative team spirit. Be on time, complete your assignments to the best of your ability and find ways to add value. By giving this job your 100 percent, it could take you from a temporary assignment to a direct-hire position – landing you the job you want.

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