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New City, New Job: Where Should You Begin?

Moving to a new city can be very exciting.  It can also be daunting, particularly when you have to find a new job in this new city – the job market, hiring process, etiquette, etc., can vary across cities and countries.  Having worked and lived in four cities (in three countries) over the last eight years, I can relate to feeling overwhelmed on where to start.

Everyone’s situation is different and there are many other steps you can take, but looking back at my experiences, these are three things that helped me in my search process:

#1 Do not underestimate your network – start with your former supervisors and colleagues as they know your work and reputation. This can go a long way in a time where everyone seems to be connected. As soon as I knew I was moving to Melbourne, Australia, I spoke to a few senior members at my firm about my next steps. While this didn’t result in an immediate position, I was introduced to someone in the local office and once I was there I stayed in touch and was able to join a few months later.

#2 Develop market intelligence – understanding the market can help to position you and your experience better. Which industries/companies are growing and what kind of reputation do they have in the area? Arm yourself with information so that you find the right role, not just any role. This can involve reading local business journals, seeking out informational interviews and connecting with one to two local recruiters. A good recruiter will offer insights on the companies they work with, what their hiring process is like and can help you identify those that have a better culture fit for you.

#3 Be open – I have always been a believer in keeping doors open. In Australia, although my focus was on a direct-hire role, I decided to take on a consulting assignment. Through this, I acquired some great hands-on experience that I could use to market myself and met some talented people that I could stay in touch with. Being open to opportunities ‘outside the box’ also led me my current role at JustinBradley!

Conducting a search can be a full-time job, but hopefully incorporating some of this will help you find the right role and allow you to focus on enjoying your time in a new city.

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Michelle Wright

Michelle manages JustinBradley’s Recruiting and Interim Staffing team. She is a CPA who began her career in public accounting, starting with PwC as an auditor before moving into their consulting practice where she advised underperforming companies in financial management and financing strategies. Before moving to Washington, DC and joining JustinBradley, Michelle was a manager with PwC’s restructuring team in Melbourne, Australia. Michelle earned her Bachelor’s Degree                               in Commerce from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada and has her                                     Master’s in Professional Accounting from the University of Saskatchewan.

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