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Three of the Best Reasons to Enlist a Recruiter’s Help in Your Job Search

interview pic final 1In the last article on our website, we talked about considering the benefits of doing temporary consulting work. After reading it, I thought it a fitting continuation to talk about the benefits of working with a recruiting firm (specifically JustinBradley!) to aid in your job search. You may have already pondered the idea of enlisting a recruiting firm. You may have even googled “why choose a recruiting firm to find a job,” and found over 200 Million results telling you about what recruiters do and how they can help. I tell job seekers that there are three really good reasons to work with us and I wanted to share them with you.


You expand your network

Think of the connections you currently have – or, don’t have. JustinBradley works with hiring managers, C-suite executives, and senior leadership at top companies in the DC Metro Area and across the country. By working with us, you have just increased your network exponentially.

You gain a trusted confidant throughout the process

Our experienced recruiters are business professionals. We offer suggestions to your resume, provide interview preparation sessions and offer any behind-the-scenes knowledge we have about the position to help you highlight your strengths as they relate to the opportunity.

A good recruiter strives to provide the best candidates for their clients. Many will prepare you for the job placement process, from applying to accepting an offer. We can coach you on interviewing techniques and, after you interview with the employer, we can give you feedback. We also want you to find your dream job. Your success is our success!

You stay in our database for the future

Even if you aren’t hired for the first potential match, you stay in a recruiter’s database. Your resume isn’t discarded if an offer doesn’t pan out immediately. Instead, you’re kept on our radar for future positions.

Though you might think your information will get lost in a huge pool of candidates, that’s not the case. Recruiters use applicant tracking systems that make finding you easy. Our software pulls specific skills and experience from your resume and matches it to relevant jobs. When the right opening comes along, it’s likely your resume will surface.

With more opportunities, advice along the way and a long-term relationship whenever you may need it, it makes sense to align yourself with a trusted recruiter. We at JustinBradley understand that and have built our network on these basic principles. So, what are you waiting for? Work smarter, not harder.

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Keesha Small

Keesha is a Recruiter in our Project Solutions Group where she connects JustinBradley’s clients with business professional talent across the country. She graduated from Washington & Jefferson College with a dual degree in Psychology and Spanish and interned with a boutique recruiting firm in Pittsburgh, PA. After her internship, Keesha knew she wanted to continue her recruiting career with an approach that acknowledges everyone as an individual.

Although a Pittsburgh native, moving to DC was not Keesha’s first adventure. While attending Washington & Jefferson, she studied abroad her senior year in Ecuador. When Keesha is not in the office, she is singing, playing with her puppy and enjoying the company of close friends.

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