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Do These 2 Things to Attract the Contingent Workers You Want

Just like the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. The candidate seemed like a great fit. You just wanted to think about ‘it’ over the weekend. You know what? She was thinking about ‘it’ over the weekend too, except ‘it’ was the 2 offers she got on Friday, not one from you.We…

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The Power of Positivity during an Interview

If you’ve met JustinBradley Recruiter, Ashtin Mitchell, you know that he’s always smiling. So who better at the company to discuss The Power of Positivity During an Interview? For more interview advice check out all of our videos HERE JustinBradley is an award-winning, WBENC-certified workforce solutions company. Since 2002, JustinBradley has provided exceptional business talent…

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You’re Probably not Tracking this Contingent Workforce Metric.

Do you track conversion rate? Here’s why we think you should. Surprising your client is generally not a good idea. But when our team sat down for a scorecard review with our client’s CW Program Management Office and Managed Service Provider, and we mentioned that over a third of our Contingent Workers were converted to full-time…

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Attract Candidates with a Strong Online Presence

Did you know that 79% of job seekers say they are likely to use social media in their job search? (The Open University, 2019). Before candidates decide to apply to your company, you can be certain they’ll research you online. It’s up to you to make sure they like what they see. 

Your candidates will focus on sites that offer reviews on working for your company. Spend some time reviewing these sites and existing reviews to understand your strengths so you can better sell the job to your ideal candidates, and discover where your company culture has room for improvement.

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The Traits of a Leader

How do you know whether a candidate will be able to effectively inspire, motivate, and support a team to success? Determining whether a candidate would be a strong leader can be quite elusive. To find out how to identify candidates with strong leadership skills, outstanding financial experience, and personality traits that will make them a…

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The questions you SHOULD ask

Have any of us interviewed without being asked to talk about our strengths and weaknesses? Candidates are accustomed to this question. And it often leaves interviewers with vague, rehearsed answers constructed to show the candidates in their best light. Instead of asking candidates abstract questions, ask candidates concrete questions that reveal how they have grown in their professional roles…