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Do These 2 Things to Attract the Contingent Workers You Want

Just like the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.

The candidate seemed like a great fit. You just wanted to think about ‘it’ over the weekend. You know what? She was thinking about ‘it’ over the weekend too, except ‘it’ was the 2 offers she got on Friday, not one from you.
We regularly send out Contingent-Workforce-Program recommendations to lower cost, increase quality, and manage risk. Some things are easy to do. For example, letting candidates know if they are moving to the next step (shortlist, interview, offer) before the weekend. Why? Because candidates generally consider their options over the weekend. (Does “I’d like to discuss this with my family over the weekend and get back to you on Monday” sound familiar?).

If your suppliers can tell their candidates on Thursday or Friday that they’ve been shortlisted or selected for an interview or will be getting an offer, then your program is one of the candidates’ options. If they find out Monday, you may be too late.

So, CW program offices should encourage decisions to be made before the weekend:

  1. Shortlist candidates before the weekend, if possible.
  2. Encourage hiring managers to accelerate interview and hiring decisions to Thursday or Friday vs Monday or Tuesday.

Letting candidates know before the weekend will increase the hiring manager’s choice of candidates, and choice = quality!

JustinBradley is a 12-time Best-of-Staffing winner; a women-owned company specializing in placing business professional talent across North America; and, humbly, we think we would be a great add to your Contingent Workforce program. Let’s schedule a web-meet to explore!


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