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Making a Key Hire?

Making a Key Hire? Include this Essential Evaluation Step.

You’ve identified three skilled, experienced, and highly referenced candidates who appear to be a good fit to move your organization forward. Those traits are essential, but not sufficient. Wouldn’t you like to know how the candidates would handle the opportunities and roadblocks that your organization is likely to encounter? 

That’s where JustinBradley’s case-study approach, part of our executive search process, comes in.

Through meetings with you and your team, JustinBradley prepares a case study specific to your organization and the role you are hiring for. For example, the case study may hone in on implementation of a new financial system, a need to adjust to changes in the market,  streamlining key processes, or a potential acquisition. 

The ‘case’ is presented to the candidate who is given a short time to read it and consider actions.

Then we have a face-to-face discussion with the candidate about how they would approach the situation. There isn’t a ‘right’ answer—through their response, questions, and interaction during the discussion we learn about the candidate’s thought process, leadership, communication, creativity in problem-solving, and ability to manage ambiguity. This step allows JustinBradley to highlight strengths and weaknesses specific to your organization’s situation.

Are you planning a key hire in your organization? We’re glad to discuss how JustinBradley’s case-study approach adds important insight in candidate selection.

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